Welcome to my website! I compose soundtrack in various genres, specializing in orchestral and electronic. Here, you can find a portfolio of demos, information about my services, and an archive of past work. From custom backing tracks for YouTube videos, to a short film soundtrack, to a full-blown album for a game - I will write music tailored to your specification! Have a listen to some of the demos below if you want an idea of what to expect from a commission.

Important: The pieces showcased as demos and archived as past work belong to either myself or my previous clients, and should not be used in any work, whether commercial or non-commercial, without explicit permission from myself or the client. They are provided here for the express purpose of listening only.


You don't have to have a musically detailed idea of what you want to get things started - I'm more than happy to discuss your commission in depth so we can ascertain what will work best. I love telling stories through music, so the more info about what the work is being used for, the better! You'll be kept in the loop during the process of composition and consulted appropriately. Rates are flexible and will depend on the type and length of the work being commissioned.

If you have any questions, or are thinking about commissioning, drop me an email at It'd be great to chat!


There's a lot of variety in the tracks shown here, so they're split by style for convenience. Each one contains a few sample pieces. I keep these updated when I create new work, so check back occasionally if you want to hear what's new.